After traveling the length and width of Chile looking for grapes in different wine regions for its Manos Andinas wines, Vicente got to learn what makes the difference in the quality of grapes from different growers, and that is their unique terroir. He understood that one mile makes huge differences on climate and soils, so working with the right grower in the right place has been his dedication to reach the results he wants on his wines.

Having identified the terroirs, he works only with growers that are fully dedicated to their vineyards to make sure there is total control over the quality and perfect knowledge of the vineyard. Also, that secures a relation winemaker - grower with no bridges in between. The result are wines which represent their origins like no others because of the perfect transference of the terroir´s knowledge from the grower to Vicente, who makes sure the wine does not change to what the grapes were expressing in the vineyard.

The relation with growers goes beyond just getting grapes from them and our endeavor is to increase the profitability of their small family businesses by improving their opportunities through these wines, putting their hands-on craftsman workship and terroirs in a spot they never been before, allowing more consumers to understand and enjoy these honest wines that truly speak of its unique terroir.

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